!! Era Valkyrie Stories

Translations of stories where the members of Valkyrie appear from the !! era. Arranged in release order. Clicking the story's banner will bring you to the wiki page, for more detailed information. (I recommend using Ctrl+F for the story title if you're looking for a specific story; this list is long.)

Night Club

Writer: Akira | Season: Summer | Released: Jun 15, 2020
Hinata Yuta Mika Jun Rinne HiMERU Kohaku Niki
"Yuta is puzzling over how he should present himself to others as a member of 2wink and as he himself. Just then, he saw Rinne taking Hinata into a place "for grown-ups"..."
Translation by Bakemonoremy
Available in the English app.


Writer: Nishioka Maiko | Season: Summer | Released: Jul 14, 2020
Midori Chiaki Mika Tsumugi
"Midori hears someone's cry for help, and when he goes to check it out, he finds Mika chasing after Daikichi. They go into a warehouse after him, but the door gets stuck..."
Translation by 310mc
Available in the English app.


Writer: Akira | Season: Summer | Released: Aug 31, 2020
Wataru Mika Shu Nagisa
"Shu has returned to Japan in preparation for the 'Japan Neverland Cup', a festival for artistic musicians. Mika had also been making preparations for Shu's return, but he reaches an impasse in his work."
Translation by Peace & iridesenescence
Available in the English app.

Antique Legend

Writer: Akira | Season: Autumn | Released: Jan 31, 2021
Hokuto Jin Akiomi Mika Shu Madara Nagisa Kohaku
"An antique market took place near ES. However, Double Face, who sensed something suspicious about it, unilaterally challenge Valkyrie to a showdown, attempting to get them to give up information..."
Translation by Bakemonoremy (Prologue-Dreams on a Garbage Heap 7)
Translation by GreenEyedExecutioner (Dreams on a Garbage Heap 8-Epilogue 1)

Sweet Hunt

Writer: Kino Seitaro | Season: Summer | Released: Feb 14, 2021
Ritsu Mao Mika Natsume Rinne HiMERU Kohaku Niki
"When Mao and Ritsu find Niki collapsed and dying from hunger, they revive him with some sugary cola. Niki is enthralled with the exquisite taste of this homemade cola and asks for the recipe, but..."
Translation by Bella

Fake Phantom Thieves

Writer: Nishioka Maiko | Season: Summer | Released: Feb 27, 2021
Hinata Shinobu Eichi Kaoru Mika
"An expensive painting is brought to Starmony Dorms temporarily for use in a program. Hinata and the others are messing around making copies of the original, but the one Mika draws looks just like the real thing..."
No translations available.

Pretty Mission

Writer: Akira | Season: Autumn | Released: Apr 29, 2021
Tori Arashi Eichi Mika Hiyori Aira
"Tori isn't in very high spirits during the regular meeting for the Pretty 5. Arashi gently nudges him outside and asks him about it, and Tori starts talking to her about an arranged marriage."
No translations available.


Writer: Akira | Season: Winter | Released: Jul 31, 21
Jin Akiomi Mika Shu Sora Natsume Tsumugi Izumi
"During their qualifying rounds in the Tohoku region, Switch proposes a new rule: winner takes all. Valkyrie claims victory, but when they go outside the following day, they step right into a jungle—where they meet a mini-sized Sora."
No translations available.

One-Man Army

Writer: Yuumasu | Season: Autumn | Released: Sep 14, 2021
Tetora Hajime Tomoya Hinata Midori Tori Shinobu Yuta Mitsuru Tsukasa Subaru Hokuto Makoto Souma Adonis Koga Ritsu Mao Yuzuru Arashi Mika Sora Natsume Hiiro
"Mao confronts Souma about his sword due to complaints he received from some first-year students. However, they fail to come to an agreement, and upon Subaru's suggestion, Souma decides to go with a fully defensive strategy."
No translations available.


Writer: Yuumasu | Season: Autumn | Released: Oct 14, 2021
Tomoya Mitsuru Subaru Hokuto Arashi Wataru Leo Mika Shu Natsume Nagisa
"The theater group Dramatica is organizing their very first show, and Wataru leaves the casting to Hokuto. Hokuto goes to Tomoya for advice, and decides to ask Shu to play Sanzang, but..."
No translations available.


Writer: Nishioka Maiko | Season: Autumn | Released: Oct 30, 2021
Midori Mitsuru Shu Tsumugi Aira
"Mitsuru and Shu find Tsumugi lying face down on a table in the outfit room. They learn that he's extremely busy preparing a local children's workshop, and, feeling bad for him, they decide to help him out."
Translation by mia

Detective DANCE (Decadance)

Writer: Yuumasu | Season: Autumn | Released: Nov 14, 2021
Hinata Yuta Makoto Mika Shu Ibara HiMERU Niki
"Mika and Makoto are nominated for the lead roles of a movie. Mika doesn't have much confidence in his acting. He's encouraged to "take a break" by tailing behind Ibara, but..."
No translations available.

Hot Winter

Writer: Yuumasu | Season: Winter | Released: Nov 29, 2021
Tetora Hajime Hinata Midori Tori Shinobu Yuta Mitsuru Tsukasa Subaru Makoto Ritsu Mao Yuzuru Eichi Kaoru Izumi Wataru Nazuna Madara Mayoi Tatsumi Niki Hiiro Aira Keito Kuro Rei Sora Shu Hiyori Nagisa Rinne
"While Izumi was eating lunch in the common room, the most bizarre conversation between Madara and Tatsumi happened before his eyes. According to them, there's some sort of mysterious code plastered on the wall..."
No translations available.

Black Snow

Writer: Kino Seitaro & Akira | Season: Winter | Released: Dec 15, 2021
Ritsu Rei Mika Nagisa Mayoi Kohaku
"The five of them were able to secure cast roles in the movie's audition. However, Ritsu is conflicted about working together with Rei. Rei seems distant all throughout the shooting, but confused as they may be, the other members continue with their roles..."
No translations available.

SS Finals

Writer: Akira | Season: Winter | Released: Dec 31, 2021
ibara nagisa hiyori jun subaru gatekeeper tomoya hokuto keito chiaki natsume hiiro aira tatsumi mayoi madara niki himeru kohaku mitsuru makoto mao leo izumi arashi ritsu tsukasa rei kaoru koga adonis mika seiya rinne shu tsumugi sora hinata yuta nazuna hajime kanata tetora midori shinobu kuro souma
"As they near the SS performance, Red Team's fine and White Team's Eden attend a special program as the leaders of their teams. With everyone's respective motives, and a plan secretly in the works, anticipation rises as New Year's Eve approaches…"
No translations available.

Four Seasons of Love

Writer: Nishioka Maiko & Akira | Season: Winter | Released: Jan 15, 2022
Tori Subaru Hokuto Makoto Souma Adonis Koga Ritsu Mao Yuzuru Arashi Mika Natsume Mayoi
"Trickstar tries to brainstorm what their next song should be, but Mao is struggling to come up with an idea for it. That's when he hears that the big cherry blossom tree in the field is going to be cut down..."
Translation by mia
Translation by finderyellow

Astraea's Atelier

Writer: Akira | Season: Summer | Released: Jan 30, 2022
Chiaki Kuro Leo Shu
"Chiaki and Kuro arrive at Paris, where Shu is. The two of them end up staying at Shu's apartment for a few days, until their filming starts."
No translations available.


Writer: Nishioka Maiko & Akira | Season: Winter | Released: Mar 15, 2022
Hajime Izumi Mika Shu Natsume Ritsu
"Shu returns from Paris with a doll as a souvenir. He and Mika split their work on their new MV, but they struggle with the "doll" motif. Mika, unsure how to be doll-like, confesses his worries to the doll he received, and starts having strange dreams..."
Translation by ibanyan


Writer: Umeda Chitose & Akira | Season: Winter | Released: Apr 15, 2022
Hinata Midori Shinobu Ritsu Wataru Kanata Rei Mika Shu Tsumugi Hiiro Rinne
"The springtime event Easter Night has been renewed as Easter Festival. Shinobu and the others learn that there will be a shuffle unit performing. Hinata requests that they form a unit among themselves, but he also wants to include a certain person..."
Translation by Mephinomaly

Seven Bridge

Writer: Akira | Season: Summer | Released: Jun 30 2022
Hajime Mitsuru Tsukasa Adonis Koga Ritsu Mao Arashi Mika Hitsugi
"After the success of last year's Tanabata Festival, the producer proposes it again this year. However, Mao tells her they have a problem: Hitsugi's blank proposal has caused him to be threatened by the "Peace Party"."
No translations available.

Keito Lecture

Writer: Yuumasu | Season: Summer | Released: Jun 29, 2022
Tetora Yuzuru Keito Kuro Mika Hiiro Aira
"After a study session, Keito deems it necessary to gauge Hiiro's level in general knowledge. With a suggestion from Kuro, they decide to go camping together."
Translation by ibitsunahaato
Translation by mephinomaly
Translation by http://discord.gg/6cWSAFbmDb (Discord invite)


Writer: Nishioka Maiko | Season: Summer | Released: Jul 15, 2022
Tetora Hokuto Kaoru Shu Sora Natsume Tsumugi Hiyori Aira
"Tsumugi accepts a job on a tropical island because he feels like Switch hasn’t been able to do many summer activities. After convincing Natsume to join him, it seems Switch can take a break, until they realize they're stuck on the island..."
No translations available.

Grand Slam

Writer: Akira | Season: Summer | Released: Aug 15, 2022
Tetora Hajime Tomoya Hinata Midori Tori Shinobu Yuta Mitsuru Tsukasa Subaru Hokuto Makoto Souma Adonis Koga Ritsu Mao Yuzuru Arashi Keito Eichi Izumi Rei Leo Wataru Mika Sora Natsume Tsumugi Madara Nagisa Ibara Hiiro Aira Mayoi Tatsumi Hitsugi
"A three-day long "Old-Fashioned Sports Festival" is to be held. Unlike the Sports Festivals of previous years, this time the students of Yumenosaki will compete by representing their agencies. Aira becomes the leader of Team Starpro, but he's about to be crushed under all the pressure…"
No translations available.

A Gift to Spring Breeze

Writer: Mitsuki | Season: Winter | Released: Jan 30, 2022
Tori Mitsuru Subaru Adonis Mao Arashi Eichi Chiaki Mika Aira
No translations available.

Shards of Time: Black

Writer: Mitsuki | Season: Summer | Released: Apr 15, 2022
Hajime Ritsu Arashi Kaoru Mika
Available in the English app.


Writer: Kino Seitaro | Season: Unknown | Released: Apr 1, 2021
Tsukasa Hokuto Eichi Rei Shu Rinne
No translations available.