Welcome to Awakening Hermitage, a small and simple fansite for Ensemble Stars run by me, Sparrow. It's still under construction.

Right now, this website is host to a simple masterlist of fan translations for units I am interested in (mainly Valkyrie), and some links to useful websites. Maybe in the future there will be more. Maybe not.


February 12, 2023

A quick-ish update today:

* Removed link for Fake Phantom Thieves
* Removed references to the Wayback machine - both of these changes were done to better comply with the wishes of translators
* Updated website credits
* Updated link for Sports Festival 3 since it was incorrect.

There are other changes I have planned - improvements to the code/layout, adding missing links and stories, etc that I hope to complete over the next month.

January 2, 2023

Happy new year! The masterlist for !! era Valkyrie side stories has been uploaded. Please note that none of the masterlists contain stories past roughly August; they are on the to-do list to be added. Please keep in mind I may be slow to get things uploaded here. Thanks :)

December 4, 2022

The website's live. Hello :) The !! side story masterlist is not quite ready yet but all other pages are functional.

Upcoming and To-Do

* Add masterlists for Undead and Ra*bits
* Add stories from August of 2022 onwards
* Add Seiya and Gatekeeper to the character lists
* Add missing Main Story chapters